Leadership in Real Estate Asset Management

About Us

Our story of growth and leadership


We’ve always attracted the best talent. In reflection, it may have more to do with the value we place on them; which they now all pay forward to our clients.


Building relationships focused on service has been a long and strenuous task for us. But it has returned dividends over time because we were committed to it.


For us, this concept is holographic in nature. We found as we drive for perfection in the smallest detail, the big picture seems to always work out for us.

More than just earnings

We measure success not just by a strong balance sheet, but by the many accolades we receive from the esteemed clients that trust us to provide premium accommodation and consistent management services at every new location.
Experienced asset managers

Our seasoned asset and property managers carry out selection and asset origination to optimize the value of properties. Our practitioners have experience at the sector-level with knowledge of real estate property fundamentals and specific property types.

Design and Execution

We enhance property and portfolio value by defining and taking advantage of opportunities on the property level. Our real estate assets in each segment meet specific market needs with a consistent standard and quality that ensures swift and long-term lease up and stability.

Principles of diversification

Endeavour Holdings was founded on principles of product diversification as a fundamental basis for protecting value. This approach, coupled with an exacting science of asset allocation and selection, leads to appropriate risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification that can weather the most challenging market cycle.

Risk Management

Our risk management program begins at the asset level with a calculated and well-structured analysis and decision-making process. At the property level, we have a proactive maintenance program driven by intelligent data gathering to help reduce the possibility of financial loss.

Competitive Distinctiveness

Becoming and remaining competitive is of paramount importance to us. Our tenants demand nothing less. Our most prominent competitive advantage lies in our asset diversification approach and the R&D we apply to acquire and manage winning properties. We adhere to strict performance threshold for properties in their respective sectors to maintain focus and leadership in each segment. We utilize best-in-class technology to maintain efficiency and our management team performs exceptionally with a near 100% customer satisfaction rating.